३ बैशाख २०८१, सोमबार

प्रयोगका शर्तक

Terms and conditions of its use

Nepali, English , Hindi online Portal run by Dharatal Media Network is a digital online magazine to broadcast and publish the news of Nepal’s politics, economic, sports, entertainment, health , education and everyone’s views from the same place. We promise and commit for the respectable Journalism by following the following points to publish every editions of Dharatal ( Dharatal online, Dharatal News, Hindi Dharatal)

1. We will be careful of journalism honour while publishing and broadcasting all the Dharatal Media Newwork’s editions , news and other items.

2. Maximum attempts will be tried to include the views of concerned authority regarding the preparation of news. We will not hamper to the honour of society by sharing  the publicity of Dharatal Media Network through the social medias like facebook, twitter

3. We will not raise financial income by presenting the advertisements materials of any business sectors and organizations as in the form of news.
4. If any errors found while broadcasing and publishing the news , enquiry can be done to such errors and we will be excused from the concerned authority. However published materials won’t be removed.

5. Readers can read and listen news and other materials to be published by us  in free of cost. However if any affect is happened , the concerned readers can be responsible themselves.

6. We will make available of all the published and broadcasted news and other materials if required by laws but our sources will be in secret in other conditions.

7. We are firmed in the norms of  freedom in  speech and freedom of journalism.

8. Source and name of the organizations will be mentioned while publishing the news of different news agencies for the  authentic and trustworthiness news.